12 People Who Knew And Dated Famous People Way, Way Before The Fame

"My sis use to date Usher in high school and she just now telling me this, smh." 2 min

1. This person’s mom who dated Adam Sandler long before his time on SNL:

2. This person’s aunt who knew Bradley Cooper (and his mullet) back in the day:

3. This person’s mom who dated Matt LeBlanc before he was Joey:

4. This person’s mom who dated Woody freakin’ Harrelson:

5. This person’s sister who dated Usher as a teen:

6. This person’s aunt who dated Tupac ages ago:

7. This person’s aunt who dated Ashton Kutcher long before Demi:

8. This person’s wife who dated “The Fonz” himself Henry Winkler:

9. This person’s cousin who dated Matthew McConaughey in college:

10. This person’s mom who had “a thing” with Blake Shelton years and years before The Voice was a thing:

11. This person’s aunt who dated Jimmy Fallon a hecka long time ago:

12.  And finally, This person’s best friend’s mom who went to prom (?!) with Josh Duhamel and his mini-mullet:

Note: Obviously we can’t confirm that these stories are 100% true, but let’s enjoy them anyway.

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