8-month-old dies after mother made him drink vodka to make him sleep so that she could go out partying

Nadezhda Yarych forced her son to drink vodka so that he would fall asleep and not disturb her celebrating the holidays 2 min

A Russian woman is being currently investigated by authorities for the death of her sick 8-month-old son, after she refused to admit him to hospital and reportedly made him drink vodka to make him sleep while she kept him at home.

According to reports, Nadezhda Yarych didn’t admit her son, Zakhar, to hospital as she didn’t want to spend the holidays looking after him as he recuperated.

So she kept him at home, despite doctors advising otherwise, and forced him to drink vodka so that he would fall asleep and not interrupt her celebrations during the holiday period in the town of Shebekino in the Belgorod Oblast region of western Russia.

According to reports, the mother had taken the sick infant to a local hospital to find out what was wrong with him. The doctors at the hospital allegedly conducted multiple tests on the baby and found out that he had a viral infection, reported news.com.au.

His mother allegedly gave him vodka so she could go out partying.

Posted by news.com.au on Monday, January 14, 2019

The doctors then told Yarych that it would be better if the infant was hospitalized until the infection cleared but it is reported that she refused the suggestion. She allegedly told the doctors that she preferred to treat her baby at home and took him away.

Yarych then reportedly took baby Zakhar to the hospital four more times in that same week but continued to refuse to get him hospitalized every time it was suggested.

Sources close to the family told local media outlets that the mother refused to hospitalize her son because she did not want to spend the holidays in the hospital with her sick baby.

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The sources also said that the mother kept giving the infant vodka to drink in order to get him to sleep during the week just so that she could celebrate.

Then, on January 5, the infant died. According to the post-mortem examination of the child’s body, the cause of death was revealed to be a viral infection.

The authorities started investigating Yarych and her husband Mikhail Yarych, who is the stepfather of the baby. Mikhail was reportedly aware of what was going on with his wife and stepson but he did nothing to help the infant. The investigation is currently ongoing and no arrests have been reported in the case.

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